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Cloud Computing : Why do we need it ?

Cloud computing is a compelling paradigm. Its mission is to make computing available on retail basis. Let me illustrate with an example. Just few years back, commodities such as coconut oil or shampoo were available only in relatively small quantities such as 250mg, or 100gm. It made sense for companies and also a large population to buy them in these quantities. However there are occasions where even these quantities become large. For instance, a traveler in different town for a day may need both coconut oil and shampoo in such a small quantities for that day’s consumption that buying a 250mg pack is not acceptable. This is where the idea of selling in small “sachet” became an interesting proposition. Once its practical importance is realized today every consumer product or service is available in “sachets”. The idea behind sachet is simple: Convenience for buyer and profitable for business. Sell or buy in quantities of you choice, at your location, and affordable prices. Mobile companies today use retail models where recharging is possible in quantities as small as few rupees. Now imagine if this is also possible in computing.

  • Why do I buy a computer when I use it for only few hours a week?
  • Why do I buy a printer when I need printing occasionally?

The answer is yes. And the name of model which is expected make computing available on retail basis is called cloud computing. Cloud computing intends to make the Internet the ultimate home of all computing resources- storage, computations, applications and allow end user (both individuals and business) to avail these resources in quantities of her choice, location of their preferences, for duration of their liking. In other world web become the provision store for all your computing needs. A business model built on this paradigm offers these resources as services - either on pay per use basis or rental basis


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